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Posted about 5 years ago by Peter Rullmann

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Peter Rullmann

When switching Layouts, there is a popup dialog asking if I am sure to loose all my changes (eg added images, text).

When switching Products, there is no confirmation dialog and all views are replaced instantly and without undo possibility.

Please add this confirmation also when switching Products.

It seems to me that this is interesting for many customers, but I can't find the question or feature request in the forums.

I saw it's possible to keep changes (eg own pictures), but that's not suitable in my case.

Here is the original Question with a bit more background on why I have to use Products instead of Layouts:

Thank you!

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Brent posted almost 5 years ago

Why would we need this if designs are replaced on all views anyway? Besides it doesn't even work, just says "undefined"

Please remove this feature or allow it to be turned off.!

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marilyn banister posted almost 5 years ago

It is very annoying and it is not showing me the option to say YES OR NO.  I cant to anything.

I saw an article six months ago where someone asked how to disable it and you say it would be a customization..   I dont feel we should have to pay to make it an option....How many people voted for this in the first place? ....I see one.

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rady kal

rady kal posted almost 5 years ago Admin

I will add an option to toggle this behavior.

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marilyn banister posted almost 5 years ago

TY...That would be great!!!!!

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Andy K. posted over 4 years ago

When can we expect the update? Many customers come with the error message is not clear and break off the purchase.

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rady kal

rady kal posted over 4 years ago Admin

It's now available.

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