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Automated exports on server

Hello everybody,

I would like a function to save all new order data on my server so that I could grab generated PDF from there. 

Thus far I have to grab the data manually from e-mails.

Unfortunately the e-mail-data is only saved temporarily in a folder and I can't guarantee that I grab all order data before it gets deleted because a new order is made. 

Has anyone resolved this issue?

My feature request would be: 

 A function to not delete the temp data from the mails on my server 

or else:

 A function for Wordpress/Woocommerce to automatically save all order data on the server. 

Thanks in advance


So actually you want the Print-ready pdf to be saved on your server?

Yes, Indeed! The PDF is our personalized bookcover and we need it on a serverfolder to process it.

We are thinking about to release a standalone plugin for the automated export so you can have the export on your server. This plugin will cost between 100-200$ and requires Imagick on your server.

I have to consult my serveradmin if Imagick is an issue but else I am open to try your solution. The price sounds reasonable.


I would be interested in this

Awesome news! Looking forward to it.

The Print-Ready export with automated mail export is now available as own add-on for WordPress.


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