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Fit images in bounding box


at the moment we have the useful option "Fit images in canvas" in the generel advanced settings.

It would be great to have the option "Fit images in bounding box" as well.


If the canvas is much bigger than the bounding box, added images are way too big for the bounding box.

Setting a scale factor in the design categories options overrides unfortunately the bounding box settings of the product.

We have  different bounding boxes for different products, so it doesn't make sense for us  to set a bounding box name in the design categorie options.

(It's maybe a generel problem here? As soon as you are activating the design categories options, the bounding box disappears.)


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We would love this ability too.

Included in V3.9.4

Thank you! :)

I am with them dont help customers when image keeps dissapeering

This seems to have stopped working in version 4.0.6

I second Luke Breen's comment. Don't see it working.

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