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Posted over 5 years ago by divij

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Can we have a loading spinner or progress bar when a design is added? This is because when the design file is of 2-3 mb, it takes time to load on canvas and the customer doesn't know that the design image is being loaded. 

Many customers leave the website thinking that the page is unresponsive while the design is loading. 

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rady kal

rady kal posted over 5 years ago Admin

Included in V3.9.2

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TASan posted over 5 years ago


I also think we should get a "Please wait..." or something when the whole product page/editor is loading. Right now it seems like the user is just staring at a blank page until the editor comes up, and it can take quite a while.

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Ewa posted over 5 years ago

I totally agree! That feature is a MUST! 

I thought after customer hit "finish and add to cart" button, he should see a blank page with spinner or progress bar and warning text "your order/card/design is loading, please do not leave or refresh this page until it's finished" 

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Max posted over 5 years ago

Yes, a progress bar would be a great solution. Just spinner does not work, because it may also be a feeling that hung

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