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Mobile UI Improvement : Canvas Touch Scrolling


Lot of people have complained about the mobile UI. 

The main problem is that it's impossible to move/resize/rotate elements when Canvas touch scrolling is activated and at the same time it's impossible to use FPD if Canvas touch scrolling is disabled ...

One solution could be to desactivate  the touch scrolling as soon as a draggable/resizable layer is selected.

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In which version is this feature implemented?


Does anyone work? This function also works badly for me

Hi Max,

for me it works with the setting FabricJS Version 2. +

FabricJS Version 2. +  this version contains too many bugs.

So many that I had to put back now. I think many others have this problem as well. 

Does anyone have a solution for 1.6.7 so that the touch scroll works?

And on version 1.6.7 there is no possibility to disable Canvas touch scrolling on iOS, it works all the same. I wrote to tech support, the problem was not solved

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