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Add "Saved Designs" page with to show all users saved designs

The current save / load feature has many limitations and reduces the user experience and causes issues on our servers with limitations of how many saved designs a user can save on server before it stops working due to reaching max capacity.  Further, needing the user to remember each and every design to which they need to go back to load it or delete it is not user friendly or efficient - can be greatly improved and is a daily request from our users and makes our users very upset when they can no longer save designs OR spend a lot of time trying to find thier specific saved design amongst the hundred of product offered. 

Please add a new feature which creates a "Saved Designs" or My Designs page where the user can easily view all saved designs and edit, manage or delete them.  This should be completely separate from Cart; a new page.  Similar to the My Designs Page found here as examples: https://jmaplugins.com/my-designs/

Thank you very much!

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This would be great!

I think, and maybe a few other FPD customers would certainly welcome it, if the designs can be stored without the deposited product.


What do you think about it?

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