Add "Saved Designs" page with to show all users saved designs

Posted over 5 years ago by M W

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The current save / load feature has many limitations and reduces the user experience and causes issues on our servers with limitations of how many saved designs a user can save on server before it stops working due to reaching max capacity.  Further, needing the user to remember each and every design to which they need to go back to load it or delete it is not user friendly or efficient - can be greatly improved and is a daily request from our users and makes our users very upset when they can no longer save designs OR spend a lot of time trying to find thier specific saved design amongst the hundred of product offered. 

Please add a new feature which creates a "Saved Designs" or My Designs page where the user can easily view all saved designs and edit, manage or delete them.  This should be completely separate from Cart; a new page.  Similar to the My Designs Page found here as examples:

Thank you very much!

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Cam Sanchez posted over 4 years ago

This would be also something our team could also use. 

Right now we upload the customer artwork in a "Customer" FPD Designs Category. But the downfall is anyone can access the category and see the designs instead of user specific designs. 

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Adina Zaiontz posted over 5 years ago

hi all, 

Im strongly considering buying FPD for a client project and saving designs to a client account (like the clients account in woocommerce) is a critical feature. Is this what this feature currently does? Like if a client designs their product on my site, orders it, then 1 yr later they want to order more, can they access their old design and re-order?

thanks in advance!!!

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FPD Customer posted over 5 years ago

This renewal is fantastic! THX


But is there anyone here who, like me, just wants to save design without a product?


I realize that you can set a product change in the FPD. In my shop are only certain sizes of T-shirt colors available. It may be that a red shirt is not available in size XL. Therefore, I can not apply the product change in the FPD.


That's why the question. Does nobody have the same problem as me? The possibility to save only the design without product?

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rady kal

rady kal posted over 5 years ago Admin

Included in V3.9.5

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FPD Customer posted over 5 years ago

I think, and maybe a few other FPD customers would certainly welcome it, if the designs can be stored without the deposited product.


What do you think about it?

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Jay Hook posted over 5 years ago

This would be great!

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