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Full Gravity Form Integration

I propose full Gravity Form integration.

While working with the current gravity from integration I found its limited to what you can do.  First thing I noticed is the designer must be before or after the form.  This does not allow to create the form with designer anyway you want.   Second thing I found that it does not allow you send email notification with an image of the design; you must log into to see the design.   Last thing that I noticed it not a true integration you can use gravity functions such as conditional logic, or drag fields in.   I thought it would be nice to be able to use conditional logic to show certain products colors and what not in fancy product designer.

Proposed Functions:

  • Integration of Fancy Product Design short codes using Gravity Forms fields inserter.
  • Settings control on Fancy Product Design:  Normal Individual Product Settings that you see on page on the form.
  • Attached PDF of design to notifications. 

Future Functions:
  • Conditional logic control of Fancy Product Design: The ability to link certain products, views, colors ext to certain form fields.
  • Multiply Products to the form

Notes:  I was thinking if you had the full settings FPD, and multiple FPD; you could use conditional logic to show one or the other.   For instance if you had two products you could add them both into the form with different settings.  Then you can use a drop down or toggle with conditional logic to display or not display certain products. 

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I'm really interested to attached PDF of design to notifications. It would be very useful....

PDF function is the number one function I would like to see.

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