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Disable emoticons option


In the current version of fancy product designer it is possible for mobile users to input emoticons into the text area. This is something that should be worked on. It should be an option to disable it and perhaps a nice option for others would be to have a custom pricing rule for it as well. We won't use the pricing rule but others might. We would like to see the option to disable emoticons first as this has caused some problems for us and i expect for others as well.

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I do support this Feature Request!

In Chrome the designs in the backend are messed up, when emojis are inserted by mobile users.

Included in V3.8.5

Hello Radykal,

I have tested version 3.8.5 and came to the conclusion that the fix isn't working. I am still able to put in the emoji when i open a text field. See images below.

emoji.PNG emoji.PNG
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@Evert Thanks for reporting this. There was a typo in the code, I correct it. Fix is no available, but version number has not changed. Please download from codecanyon.

Hello again Radykal,

The fix did block most emojis (thanks for that) but i can still use a lot of them. see image below.

Hello Radykal,

What is the status on the blocking of the emojis? I hope it will be fixed soon.

Hello, what was the fix and when was it released? I still have many customers that add emoticons on the text fields and, as a result, the "Add to cart" is not working properly.

Could you please help?

This thread says implemented  at the top - if so, can someone add to this thread how to do it.  Thanks!  Causing lots of grief because I have a one-color limit and people are using full color emojis and expecting the end product to be full color.   I imagine that for those who charge by number of colors are seriously affected because it shows up as the wrong number of colors.  

So this topic is 2 years old, but last week a customer added all kinds of emoticons to the design. All of which I then had to place manually in the design :-(

In case you haven't been able to find this setting:

Fancy Product Designer > Settings > General > Modules > Text > Disable Text Emojis

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