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My request is for the ability to require customisation for all views of a product rather than per product, before an item can be added to cart.

Because a customer can add a product to cart after only customising one view of a multiple view product. Such as a T Shirt with Front and Back views that both need to be customised, for example.

The way it is now - the Add To Cart button appears after only one view has been customised.

For example - it is possible to customise the front of a T Shirt and Add it to Cart then Checkout; without realising that there is a second view (the back of the T Shirt) which must also be customised before the Product  can be Added to Cart.

Hopefully this feature will be part of a future update.

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I would add the feature to have the choice to select to any fancy product element (text, upload, image...) the option to be required individually, so if it's not, popup a message indicating it.

We really need it because maybe the customization is not finished and the user already can add it to cart.

Hello, we suggest again this request because we really need to indicate an element as required.

For example we have pots with candy and a tag.

The thing is that need to require to choose the candy and the image tag, both of them, and now we can't. It would be needable to mark each item/element as required or not.

Would be a great must have... and quite easy compared to other requests :)


Yes, really need this feature :) 

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