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New features

- Hide tool "fill opacity“ in the toolbar  via UI Composer
- New Toolbar UI „Smart“. You can easily enable the new toolbar UI in the UI Composer (Toolbar tab > Type & Placement)

Bugs fixed

- Mobile bug: Main navigation stays hidden when only one module is used

- When resetting SVG with a transparent fill, a black fill was applied and not transparent

- Module content was still displaying when all modules were disabled for a particular view

- Layers list was not updating in layers module when adding a new element

- Compatibility issues with jQuery 3.+

- Current color display not updating in Layers modules when changing via toolbar

- Improved Image Resize filter was not working in fabricjs 2.+

- „Image Size Tooltip“ position was wrong

- Products module was not displaying in mainbar when first category has only one product

- Attributes in the variation name in the cart were missing
- Disabling touch scrolling class was always added, even when touch scrolling was enabled in the settings

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