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Posted about 6 years ago by Gusti Ngurah

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Gusti Ngurah


Suggestion :

It would be nice if there is also a color option for images in individual FPD setting in Woo product. In the individual setting in the Woo product, I notice there is a color option (including default color option) for text, but not for images.

Why :

Currently, I run a print shop printing vinyl for t-shirts, capable of only 8 colors.  The way I do it now is I simply set 8 color limits on FPD main setting. It only gets better when you updated the last version, which fixed the SVG color limit. 

Now I'm about to expand product lines to full-color prints as well (screenprint & DTG). 

For text, there is no problem because there is a color option in the individual setting. If you need to deactivate the color limit in the main setting, I can just type one color and voila, you can get a whole full spectrum of colors. Or if I need to set a new product line with another set of color limit, I can also do it thanks to this feature. 

But, I don't get why there's no such settings for images. 

Trust me, this would be so beneficial for people who :

+ Run a print shop capable of printing few colors (e.g vinyl), but who also needs to expand/already have another product line with another set of color limits or even full-color prints (e.g screenprint & DTG)

This can be a really powerful upgrade for this plugin and would be more alluring to people needing an affordable well-rounded solution for their entry level print-on-demand business.

Hope this can be implemented. Thanks!

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Gusti Ngurah posted about 6 years ago

Thanks for implementing this!! Finally!!

But hey, I think you might check again the compatibility with customer uploaded .svg images. Because when I set the color to 1 color only, when I upload .svg image, instead of showing the whole color spectrum like it supposed to, it shows only that 1 color.

For customer uploaded .png and text it works just fine. 

Can you please check on this? Thank you!!

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rady kal

rady kal posted about 6 years ago Admin

Included in V3.7.2

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