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Posted over 6 years ago by Philipp

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Hi guys,

thanks for this amazing plugin!

I use the Fancy Product Designer to create Postcards. 

So for me it would be really nice to have an option to set Text-Shadow. The same way as you can set Text-Stroke for Text-Elements.

Have a nice day!


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rady kal

rady kal posted over 5 years ago Admin

The shadow options are only available in the next smart toolbar.

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Mario Poscharnig posted over 5 years ago

I do have the shadow option in backend. What am I doing wrong, I can't find it in frontend - the text tool looks complete different in back/front.

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rady kal

rady kal posted almost 6 years ago Admin

Included in 3.7.9

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michael step posted about 6 years ago

Shadow would be nice +vote

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