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Dotted Line Around Text/Text Box Areas (Before Click)

Dotted lines around text areas and text boxes. To show the users where they can update text. For example on our invites we'd love to show text boxes around the text areas (right away upon designer open - I see there is a subtle line that shows up when the text is clicked on). But then those lines wouldn't export. And we really would rather not add separate boxes to every text area.

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Agreed, this is a needed feature, for both text boxes and upload zones. Here is an example, a sweater with three possible design areas: http://fil.xpressprint.no/z0V0phl .. The user has no idea where they can add design before they click one of the fields. If would also be nice if the line color changed when hovering over the fields, to show which is which.

For upload zones you only need to set a placeholder image with an own graphic, e.g. rectangle with a dotted stroke.

Problem with that solution is the image then is shown on the customers preview image when they download, and also our production team has to delete all of them when downloading the files to print. Way too much work when you get many orders with many products.
Glad to see this is a planned change, thanks!


Included in V3.7.2

Toggle in General settings of FPD.

hey how do you actually take the dotted line off text as a default? I can't find the setting in general settings or product builder? 

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