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Change text on canvas via text field

Someone created something similar for shopify using FPD, I really wish this option was standard. 


I would pay to have this implemented.  

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Yes, I have the same problem. please add this function or explain how to create it yourself. I would pay for it too.

looks like radykal liked the comment/post so I think that improves the chances of it happening! haha 

it looks like they are targeting things on the canvas with a "data-target". anyway to do this on the wordpress version radykal?

Included in V3.7.2

New module added to display only editable text layers. See demo: http://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/businesscard

Hello Johnny,

How I can have the same result of new module of your demo ?

Thank you

Fantastic! Thanks radykal

Go to Products in FPD backend and in the top-right corner you find the shortcodes button. Click the button and for the module shortcode select Text Layers. Then copy shortcode and place in the product short description.

Many thank you for this new module !

Please Just could you help us to have the same position of Text layer like your example http://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/businesscard/



I just explained how to do that in my last comment in this thread, if you are still struggling with this, please open a support ticket.

Just looking at this and if you change the text via the original text tool the text in the "new boxes" doesn't update.

Also I have noticed that on your business card version the fields don't have headings on?

Where is the toggle to turn this on/off?

1. Thanks, I will fix this in next update.

2. The headings are hidden with custom CSS in my demo.

Please Just could you help us to have the same position of Text layer like your example http://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/businesscard/

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