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Posted over 6 years ago by Jo Uuwidie

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Jo Uuwidie

Hi Guys,

I have a few feature request for better fpd usability

1. Can we have a  "x" on the textbox on mobile to close it. I think having a clear close button instead of the user clicking on canvas would be good

2. When designing on mobile is there a way to lock the page from moving up and down. When I click on text and attempt to move it the whole screen moves. I might just have fat fingers :-/

2. On mobile when the user is in landscape mode can we have a popup overlay to advise user to turn phone upright to use fpd

3. I'm losing about 10-20px on the top and bottom of the canvas on mobile

4. Can we have a cppy/paste v button in the text box

5. (observation) The canvas is very sensitive dragging textboxes any wrong move can rejig and ruin the whole canvas

6. Guided Tour - please can you allow us to delete tour boxes in the settings area. And if we create a complete journey only show journey parts that are 

are relevant for that product.

example: some of my invitations have one page and so do not require the next and previous view guided tours but other products do. Can guided tour look at what is on the canvas and only show the tour for element available on that specific product rather than completing the whole journey.

7. Make layers on desktop accordion style so that user can see more text on layers rather than just one line with a small scrollbar


8. Text toolbar in top mode needs a close "x" button so that user doesn't have to click on canvas to close

9. The guided tour needs a done button on the last frame

10. Advanced editing button is very sticky and takes a few clicks before it opens up. It would be great of the background had an opacity so that 

the user still feels they are on the page.

Sorry, this is an exhaustive list but I thought I would share it so that we can all benefit from any new improvements.



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rady kal

rady kal posted over 6 years ago Admin

Some of the features are already included. Please create an own feature request for every idea. I am closing this one now.

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