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Posted almost 7 years ago by Eric

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I think customers and users would find extremely useful if we, as admins, could activate a feature that had the capability of auto open an "in-FPD" popup giving some tips or instructions on how to use and customize the product. 

To simplify things it could pretty much work as the "Info tool" that has the "Info Content" Label. Is pretty similar, however, the auto opening popup would really help customers, as they can't seem to understand the "i" icon can provide information on how to use the customizer, and more often than not we receive calls, chats and e-mails asking simple questions about the customizer that could easily be answered in this automatic popup, that way, we're sure they have a really good chance at reading our tips and instructions :)

Attached you'll find a visual example

Thank you!

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Maria posted almost 7 years ago

@Eric found any way to embed instructions or force the popup open? 

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Eric posted almost 7 years ago

Sure thing!


I do have that kind of plugin, but loading a whole page popup with instructions of a customizer they hadn't had the chance to even initialize is extremely invasive and kind of senseless. That's why I was centered on a popup in the same window of the FPD, just like the "Info tool", that's not intrusive and makes sense since they would be able to see the instructions just before starting to edit.


Nevertheless, I understand if it's difficult to develop or if simply you don't find it useful. I began to think about this as soon as I saw our customers interacting wrongly with the customizer, contacting us by having troubles or simply leaving the site because they became frustrated, and that could've been avoided by some tips and instructions in the right place at the right time


I'll try to embed the instructions in the FPD window through CSS or something like that, it clearly won't be as elegant as the popup, but at least it could lessen the customer disinformation situation.


TL;DR: I was asking for feature that could auto-open the already developed “Info tool” popup, as soon as they see the customizing window.


Thanks anyway :)

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Rafael D

Rafael D posted almost 7 years ago Admin

There are many plugins to create auto popups when the page is loaded. I found this one which is very useful to create a introduction popup.

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Eric posted almost 7 years ago

I was just thinking, to simplify things further, you could just add a feature to show the "Info tool" popup automatically before they begin to personalize the product, that way we could explain the instructions in the "Info Content" label and they could easily re-open the popup if needed after closing the instructions just by clicking the "i" tool.

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