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Posted almost 7 years ago by Todd McMahon

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Todd McMahon

It would be great if a PDF (or however you have the product set up to export) was automatically generated upon order submission. I wouldn't package the export with the email, but provide a direct link within the email. In the New Customer Order email notification, instead of the "View Customized Product" link going to the FPD product page,  you could have a link directly to the exported file. 

It would also be nice if you could select the path for where the PDFs are saved. Dropbox, One Drive, Local server... 

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rady kal

rady kal posted over 5 years ago Admin

Included in V3.9.2

Its part of the next feature "Automated Export" which is only available in the ADMIN solution and the premium plan. More infos can be found here:

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Konrad Smolinski posted almost 6 years ago

Also, interested on a progress of this feature.

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Richard David posted about 6 years ago

It seems this request is planned, so is there any info about it? I mean when can this be done?

Thank you!

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