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More lines tekst cost less

For example 1 line text costs $ 3

2 lines cost $ 2

and 3 lines or more cost $ 1

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Yes! When will this be implemented in the product designer? We are really looking forward to this... Already requested 2 months back, so I hope it will be soon!

This feature will be available in a new add-on called Pricing. It allows you to define own pricing rules on various element properties. The official demo is already online.


The add-on will be available in the next few days on codecanyon.

This is now possible through a new add-on.

WooCommerce/WordPress version: https://goo.gl/if7y5D

jQuery Version: https://goo.gl/k9emmr

So let me get this straight. I think of an addon.... and you guys charge me for it ?

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