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Names and Numbers in multiple places

 In Fancy Designer Plus it would be helpful if the Name and Number fields could be linked to multiple text and number spots.

For example we show the front and back of a Jersey and want the Number to change on the front and back part of the design.


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This is a great idea and would be a valuable feature for us too :-) 

Hello Andy,

I agree would be great in term of user experience.

At the moment I've esperienced another problem: if you put name & numbers in two different views (i.e. front and back) you get two different Team List (one for front & one for back view)! It doesn't make sense.

You can see an example here:


In the Teamwear market the number in front and rear it's the same.

Would be much better having the Name & Number module working like the Bulk order.
In synthesis a list of team mates / numbers /sizes that you fill to define the total quantity of you order, and not a module that you use to customize the product graphics.

I am in need of a feature to allow teams to order and enter their roster - name, number, size all in one row/field. This doesn't seem like it's available at the moment and a true dealbreaker in purchasing this product.

With the new "Text Link Group" you can easily link the text of a name & number placeholder with any other text in a different view.

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