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Posted over 7 years ago by Joao Figueiredo

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Joao Figueiredo

A test user that is testing the platform I am building asked me if there was no crop tool (a bit like on photoshop). One can resize an image but not crop it. Is it possible to add this tool in a near feature?

Thanks in advance!

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Rafael D

Rafael D posted almost 7 years ago Admin

Implemented in version 3.5.1. It includes an advanced image editor to set custom masks, more filters and allow to manipulate the image color of JPEG and PNG images.

See how you can set custom mask shapes.

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SearchBar Marketing posted over 7 years ago

Would be exactly what my client is looking for.  We currently set an overlay for each product and set it to stay on top so when the user loads their image it appears cropped, but the full size image is passed through in the Load Order In Viewer section.

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Amit posted over 7 years ago

When we are uploading an image we require some specific portion of the image to be loaded e.g. cutting an image to some specific dimension. So wanted to know if this feature is available or not in the latest build. Else can i expect this feature in the new upcoming build.


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David Simon posted over 7 years ago

That would be really nice! When can we expect this feature?

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Joao Figueiredo posted over 7 years ago

YES! Thank you! I look forward to get this update! :)


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