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Resultion warning


Not sure of how many of you have used other similar platforms to customize products but many of them have a little resolution warning function. If the image the customer uploaded has a poor resolution, the FPD would give it a small red label, if the resolution would be good then the label would be green. This feature would let the customer know that the design will have or not a good quality. I attach a screenshot of how it could look like.


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Agreed too!


What do you mean with resolution, the image width and height or DPI (PPI)?

Both. According to experience, users will do wrong and will assume the website has super powers if you let them think that. So, a warning for the size of the image and DPI as well would be perfect. If not, the user will always think that the print will come out perfect, regardless of the image's quality...
I think that means "modelling" the actual product's phisical size and the image pixel size. For example I set A/3 size printable area on a T-shirt. As we know the image quality is perfect on 300 dpi but printable till around 150. What if the user uploads an 900x900 px image? We know that the MAX printable site is around 6"x6" or around 15x15 cm. But now the user could enlarge the image in the designer without any warning or restriction.
It would be good that there will be a warning when the size means a poor printing quality, and/or a restriction on further enlargement when the poor quality image achieves the max. acceptable size.


I found an example for that function:

The other function here I like, that the user could not move the design outside of the printable area, when he do, the design comes back automatically. Now in the FPD the user could move the design and elements far outside of the area, and he never find that again.


Actually you can define the minimum dpi for jpeg and dimension for all image types. If the image is not matching within these parameters, the user will be notified about it to upload a better image.

I agree with this, and think that my feature request could be a good solution. Please see if you agree and upvote! 

Set required min / max image dimensions & scale per upload zone

I totally agreed with this, its a must for the clients. It would be also very useful if we can alert the clients with the "minimal image size" message but without prevent him to upload his picture. Just a warning.



I also would like such a feature. I would want to to warn the user if the image uploaded is below a certain ppi and will result in poor print. But i would not like to limit him. If the user approves the flow should go on

I agree - maybe even a tock box in the pop up for the user to confirm they're happy with their upload

Is this function yet available in the fancyproductdesigner or not? On the initial upload it may have the correct resolution but after scaling maybee not... Or does someone has made an additional feature for this?

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