add_edit_link_to_order_item() in class-order.php should inherit all args

Posted over 7 years ago by Oktay Acikalin

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Oktay Acikalin
Oktay Acikalin

Currently the above mentioned function is dropping all args - even WooCommerce internal args for e.g. variants.

Therefore the customer cannot reorder the exact same product without re-configuring it. This is a bummer because we want to make it easy for our customers to reorder what they already liked.

Please make sure that add_edit_link_to_order_item() in class-order.php is not dropping the URL args others have already inserted. There might also be other plugins which would malfunction due to this issue.



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rady kal

rady kal posted over 7 years ago Admin

Added in 3.3.2

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