Create option to lock layers in admin so layers are locked when project loads

Posted about 7 years ago by Scott Floyd

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Scott Floyd

In order to effectively use an overlay image as a mask (support topic), the layer must be locked or the image behind that layer cannot be moved when the customer uploads their photo. 

This feature topic has been brought up before however you guys have not understood what we are requesting. 

This community discussion - Automatically Lock Items - the topic was marked answered and the answer given was: Elements can be locked via the "Manage Layers" panel.  Yes, it is true you can lock the layer in the layers panel. The whole point of posting the topic was the need to not require a user to go to the layers panel and lock it.  I would argue that in terms of user experience, a layers panel is the most confusing approach. 

I posted this topic in community discussion. I thought I described what I need, however, the response was that the layer can be locked in admin. Yes, it can be locked in admin, BUT that only effects layers in admin, not on the user end. 

Offering a way to lock the layer in admin in order to have the layer locked automatically on the user end will make overlay masks usable.  If there is a way to also change color of a locked layer, that would be useful as well. 


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piotrekleszno posted 2 months ago

This isn't the case if replace is used.

Will it be implemented soon?

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henry dunbar posted about 1 year ago

Hi there,
This isn't the case if replace is used. So the initial element is not selectable but once it is replaced the item can be selected. It would be great if this was mended so that overlays could be replaced (for example for borders).
Many thanks,

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rady kal

rady kal posted over 5 years ago Admin

Included in V3.6.3

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Ben Gauser posted about 6 years ago

I'm using FPD the same way as you Scott. I don't see what would be so difficult about having an option in the product builder that would allow a layer with options to default to locked. If it can be done via "Manage Layers" panel, it COULD be set from the admin product builder, if an option were there for it.  Please add this! 

Alternately add something like "prevent layer from being selectable".

Blasche, is your solution only for the jquery version? I'm using the Wordpress plugin, I'm not sure that would work. Anybody have an idea?

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R. Blasche posted almost 7 years ago

Well i coded it myself. 

Note that the numbers in getElements(0)[0] will determine view and layer Number you modify. In my case first view, first layer.

jQuery( document ).ready( function( $ ) {

 $selector.on('productCreate', function(evt, viewInstance) {

  fancyProductDesigner.getElements(0)[0].evented = false;



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Scott Floyd posted almost 7 years ago

Thank you for your interest in this guys! My friend has been doing some development for me and figured out a solution for getting them locked by default. He's close to coming up with a solution to change color values when elements are locked. I am paying him and as of right now he only modifying the core code. It's not an ideal long-term solution, but it is better than nothing. He may be developing a plugin to modify FPD without affecting core code. Ask to join FPD business group on Facebook and we can discuss more:


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R. Blasche posted almost 7 years ago

+1 Totally need this!

I have the problem that the background layer (color) always gets selected instead of the text in the foreground. This is bad behaviour by itself but could be easily circumvented with such a lock option. Asking the user to lock it sucks. I am using the plus plugin color selection anyway.

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Pat Holder posted almost 7 years ago

I've also been needing this. It would be great to be able to have layers locked in the product builder so they load locked on the front end, but still be able to change selected values.

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Erin Welker posted almost 7 years ago

I would like this option as well. I have a layer that is replaced with a design and has no other customizations to it. Everything else is selected "no", yet the layer is still unlocked on the user end until they lock it in the manage layers tab.  Is there a way to lock this down and still use the replace function? 

Thank you for your help and feedback! 

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Scott Floyd posted about 7 years ago

Okay, I see how it is set up. I guess I will have to find a workaround because I still want those elements to be customizable but move the photo underneath. If you see how I am using layers it will make more sense 

I use layers as the product mask but the layers need to be customizable. It would be great if I could remove the color option from clicking on the shirt and be able to change the color from the layers panel (and change when layer is locked). I was able to make the color picker visible through CSS in the layers panel to a locked layer and that will change the layer, so I know it can be done.

thanks for your time.

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rady kal

rady kal posted about 7 years ago Admin

A layer is automatically locked and can not be selected when it has no customizable options like colors, draggable etc. enabled.

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