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- The first uploaded image is now added to stage automatically http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/discussions/topics/13000001317

- Now you can set a color palette for SVG images


- Added default color for custom text in main and individual settings

- All bounding box options are now available in the individual settings


Bugs fixed

- Dialog box is hidden when closing a modal

- The correct color was not displaying in the manage layers for a color palette


- iOS 8 Safari CSS issue because of missing vendor prefixes

- After adding a QR code the page can not be scrolled anymore

- Outside views and reset action duplicated view selection

- Using arrows keys in textarea was also moving text element

- Numeric input in scaleX does resize proportional when uni-scaling is locked

- Tooltip for Bounding Box Inside not position correctly on mobile

- When upload zone panel is opened and selecting another element and editing it, the element was added into the upload zone

- Updated to latest fabricjs that fixes a few core bugs

- Sometimes the browser crashes when using max lines for text elements

- The price of custom added elements is not considered when using the replace initial elements option

- Customize button in catalog page added product to cart instead of going to single product page

- Hidden dropdown in the individual product settings on admin page/post

- The primary color is not applied to the off-canvas menu http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/discussions/topics/13000004530

- The wrong item id for order items in view-order page

- Close button for manage layers was not visible in order viewer

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