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Cart Thumbnail Confusion

 Currently there are two links back to the FPD from the Cart as far as I can see:

1. via the product title which is appended with "Click here to re-edit" - this URL has the specific product id attached to the end e.g: '&cart_item_key=51ce617dd3d0a2add2d66e65c5e9fbc3'

2. via the thumbnail URL which is identical to the above less the '&cart_item_key=51ce617dd3d0a2add2d66e65c5e9fbc3'

This takes you back to the FPD - but not with your product loaded up - it's blank ready for a new product design.

I would suggest however that this will cause some confusion for first time users some of whom will inevitably click on the thumbnail link - just because it's there.

When they do so they will be taken back the FPD where they won't see their product and may think they have lost all their work.

Yes, it is still in the cart but some will not notice that and start again with the whole process - or just give up.

What makes this more likely is that the thumbnail URL does include any product options chosen for the product in question reinforcing the false impression that this used to be their product, but now it's gone.

My main question is - why have the thumbnail URL behaving in this fashion?

If people want to start again with a design they are more likely to go to the main menu where they started.

I suggest that the thumbnail URL is the same as the 'click here to re-edit' URL. They will lose nothing by going back to the same place. It would eliminate possible confusion and produce a better user experience.

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Currently woocommerce does not offer a hook to change the cart item thumbnail link easily, otherwise we would include it.

Thanks for your reply radykal.
I'll put suggesting that hook at ideas.woothemes.com on my list of things to do.
Looking forward to testing the latest update.
Thanks for your work.


Hello Umberto,

If you can copy the link to the WooThemes thread here I'll also put my votes for this.

Thank you!



In the meantime, we suggest to disable the product thumbnail link with a simple CSS fix, just add this code to your cart page :

.product-thumbnail a {pointer-events: none !important;}

In the meantime, we suggest to disable the product thumbnail link with a simple CSS fix, just add this code to your cart page :

.product-thumbnail a {pointer-events: none !important;}

I talked to woothemes and they will include a hook in next releases, then I can finally add this feature.

Looks like this has been done in 3.0.5 - thanks radykal


has there been any resolution to this? i just purchased yesterday and no matter what i do, i get this same issue. i also cannot seem to get the custom shirt to display in cart. it shows main product image.

We have the same issue.

@ken i had zakeke active. once i deactivated it, i was good to go. simple as that. try deactivating other plugins and see if it works. if it does, turn them back on one at a time to see which is the culprit.

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