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Rulers on the front-end


Something that would make customers' life a lot easier would be the existence of rules on the front-end. Sure you have the small squares that give you a hand but let's say you have a poster and want to make equal tiles or so? Either the customer has image manipulation skills and software (like photoshop) or the customer will have a really hard time doing it.

This will make the tool more easy to use for the people who spend money on the site :)

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I agree with this. This goes along with the "grid mode" feature some people have been asking for. A more precise way to know real-life dimension is essential.

Another possible case scenario is for when is making/customizing products with many pages like booklets or calendars. Some elements will be repetitive but different dimensions, like month names. If you want to align these elements, the existence of rulers will be crucial before you lose your patience editing the coordinates of all of those elements...
I am mostly grateful for this update! :) Really looking forward to this! :)


I am really glad and grateful for the rulers to be applied on the last plugin update. I wish though that one could drag rulers into the stage, just like one can do in Photoshop or Illustrator. The problem is that now one still can't snap an element to a ruler or organize/align elements on the stage according to the position of a ruler. Hope it is not too much to ask...

Thanks for all your hard working!


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