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Use Keyboard Hotkeys

We would like to be able to use the keyboard to move layers (arrows up, down, left, right)

Also, the Delete key should delete the layer.


Thats already possible.

I googled a little bit and technically its not possible to disable the back button when hitting the delete/backspace key.

I found a workaround, which will be added in next version.

Thanks for the quick replies.

The left/right arrow works indeed but the up/down arrow also moves the entire page along with the layer so that's not very usable. Also, you can't maintain the keys pressed to move the layer faster, you have to press the keys for each pixel you want to move the layer, it would be nice if we could just leave the key pressed and have the layer move.

I agree that the backspace key is a bit tricky since it also serves as a "Previous" page button. I was strictly referring to the "Delete" key.

Thank you for your consideration!

Hey there,

Quick update about this. Arrows are working like a charm, the backspace also delete the layer, which is great. However the "Delete" key (Del. on some keyboards, usually around the Insert/Home/End keys) still doesn't delete the layer. It would be great if this could work.



Sorry I do not have a keyboard with these extra keys, like many. You can only delete via backspace key.

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