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Hide Add-to-Cart button until product is customized.

I don't know if this is already possible, but it would be nice if we could hide the add-to-cart button until at least one image element is added in the FPD.

For example, in my application I would like the customer to have to hit the "Customize" button and then add at least one graphical element (text or image) before the add-to-cart button appears. Once they add a graphical element, the price is no longer zero and so the add-to-cart button will then appear. This is because, I do not sell blank printing materials (with a zero cost).

I see how to hide the button until the customer hits the customize button then adds an initial element, which is a really really nice feature. I think it would be really awesome if we could build on this feature.

Say, for example, the customer adds an initial element, which increases the price from zero, then deletes it so the price goes back to zero. It would be really nice if we had to option to make the add-to-cart button would disappear anytime the price hits zero. At this point, the add-to-cart button remains after an initial element is added, even if the element is deleted and the price of the product goes back to zero.

Just a thought. Appreciate the hard work.

Thats possible, there is an option in general settings "Customization Required".

I understand. However, if the customer adds like one image or text box, then deletes it, the price still stays the same. It does not go back to zero.

I cannot find that "customization required" in general settings

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