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Add element properties in order emails

I would really like the possibility of adding the element properties (Color, Font Family, Textsize) of editable elements under the product info in order emails just like it shows in the cart. Pretty helpful for me aswell as for the customer. This way I can easily see the colors of the different layers of the design the customer wants, and the customer gets the details of the custom choises in the order confirmation email.

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Same here.

Would like to see elements in order details such as Text, Font Name, Font Colour used, Clipart, Clipart name used and colour used for the same. If we can get this information, it becomes easier for us to find the particular element from hundreds of elements and prepare the order quicker. If you have this feature, please explain how to see that and if you do not, would you be kind enough to consider adding in next update.



Bump here.

At the moment, the only way for the admin to know what was customized is to open the order in viewer. 

If like me, you have FPD available on all products, but it isn't required for customers to purchase, this means that every single order needs to be opened in Order Viewer to see if there was any customization done.

It also means there is no way to filter orders between different fulfilment location (i.e. Orders that have been customized go to location A and orders haven't go to location B)

If anyone has any idea how to pull element options into emails or the admin page please let me know, really desperate for this! 

+1 from me. I think it would be particularly important to have custom text content passed through to notification emails - it seems strange that the custom content can be seen in the cart, but not in the notifications. For simple text-only designs, it means that all of the products customisations are available without having to individually load the custom design 

Included in 3.4.5

How do I enable this? I'm on 3.4.8 and it doesn't add custom options to the order emails.

I updated to 3.9.6 and appears elements properties in cart and in email notification. In my case, how to disable this??? I didn't found it in settings.


I also need to disable this for the e-mails. I don't want all the info like fonts, colors, sizes etc. under the product name in the e-mails. I just want the product name.

See this screenshot where you can enable/disable the element properties summary for the order e-mail.

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