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Linking colors for custom text and image elements.

I have a creator for boards with which parents can keep track of the growth of their child.

In this creator people can choose different designs and add a customtext for the name and the date of birth of the child.

De designs consist of two sets of different colored figures (each set being a different image element).

And it would be great to have one set of figures be linked with the customtext so that when the parents change the text color the one linked set of figures automatically changes color with it.

Right now from what I could find I'm only able to have them change colors seperately.

To have people select the same colors for both elements they have to either remember the colorcode from the colorpicker or I have to set a limited number of colors they can choose from so that the red they select for the name is also the exact same color red the figures change into.

Thanks in advance for taking time to read this.

Added in 3.0.0

Is it possible to link two different colors in a color group? So for example, the background changes to black and the text changes to white? 

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