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Posted over 8 years ago by Kasper

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Mayby its me but i really don't like the floating menu. Every time i click something the menu is in front of the design area. 

On a big monitor it isnt that big of a problem but it is very annoying on a tablet or phone.

I am not sure what the best way is but i would love to see that the floating menu can get a dedicated part inside the designer (no static floating).

I added a screenshot from a shop where you can do everything in one view. When you click something in the right part, you edit it in the right part...

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yuki posted over 7 years ago

Hello there,

Could you tell me how to deactivate the floating menu? I have to choose the top bar layout, as there is not enough space left or right for displaying the menu clip-arts when viewing on tablets.

thank you!

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rady kal

rady kal posted over 7 years ago Admin

You can put the toolbar at top or bottom of canvas. Putting the toolbar in a sidebar makes no sense on mobile, its too less space when you squeeze the canvas and toolbar next to each other.

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Dan Collen posted about 8 years ago

Not sure if this is the same as previously mentioned but I would much prefer it if the 'modules' and ' actions' tools ( Manage Layers, Info, Save etc ) were located outside of the Designer Stage like a conventional toolbar - having them floating over the stage and the product being designed is not ideal.

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Gus Svab posted about 8 years ago

I found this Taiwanese site do just that, is this what you mean?


They are using FPD, and have the element settings somehow integrated into the left sidebar on v2

It would be nice to have this as an out of the box feature though

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Jeremy Waters posted over 8 years ago

From a mobile perspective I 100% agree with the user above in regards to the floating menu. That being said there is multiple simple solutions/ options to address the menu and with your ability and creative UI implementation I'm sure you can come up with a simple option or fixed solution. 

Note: Most end users will complete the design process or do the bulk of product customization from their desktop but who knows how many people start the process or make simple edits from their phones. From a viral, social or sharing perspective and those just checking out my business, I know from my annual analytics 87.5% of my users first browse my website from their phones. 

Second Note: After a few demo's this week showcasing the beta version with my clients this same exact topic was addressed and created a minor headache from ease of use, convenience and overall performance. 

As a business owner I want my users on any device to know how simple this process is. Either way the new UI is rock solid minus the floating menu, I'm excited to get the new version, hopefully that comes sooner than later. I want to personally thank you for delivering such an amazing, robust and flexible product customization plugin/ solution. You do amazing work!

Do you have a tentative time-frame on the beta launch? 

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