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SVG Colorization

Images in SVG format are, by far, the best way to customize color since you can edit specific paths by itself.

However, we still don't have the option to set a predefined color palette, and SVG's being the more flexible way to format colorization, should have it. It would be inmensely useful, since there's no other way to easily edit it, png's are not "stackable" since you can't select them without having to use the layer tool, and that's usually complicated for the end-user.

Thanks ;P

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Sorry I created a new topic like this one.


This would be extremely helpful for us!

I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask but is there a general ETA of when this feature might be implemented?


I would also like to know when this could be implemented, I want to update my designs. Now I am waiting for this.


Do you want to specify a color palette for every path individually or every path has the same color palette?

Same for every path, If I want different paths I will create multiple SVG and put them in my design.

From my perspective it would be better to specify a color palette for every path individually, since the point of the plugin is customization itself. It'll be easier and more useful for both the webmaster and frontend user :)
Agree with Eric, it's better to have a color picker or palette for every path found in a SVG file, please let us know when this will be included in future release, thanks!

i support this idea. If we can change every element(path) of SVG picture, this will be great function of FPD!



many t-shirt shops printing by flex film tapes and it will greatly simplify their work.

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