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Posted over 8 years ago by Jeremy Aaron Horland

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Jeremy Aaron Horland

Thank you guys for continuing to work on a great product.

Having spent much time with your software, a few have presented themselves.

For many customizable things, you have a fixed amount of space where you can put text.  

The text can be large or small, but no wider than the space.  

There is one place that test users trip up most on tablets and often on desktops -- selecting default text. They tend to start writing in the middle of the "text here" areas or at the end of them, and have trouble on tablets with the select-and-remove process.

Double-entering the same text and selection difficulties have been the main source of product abandonment so far.

 I'd love to see :

I)  text auto-fit the space within tolerances.

This would require the following controls 

• A check box "fit text to area"

• two settings "Max Font" and "Min Font"

1)  Text of minimal length would be displayed in the maximum font. 

2)  As text approaches the end of line, the font size shrinks.

3)  When font reaches minimum size, then the maximum text length is reached.

0/4) default text can be set to display at any size in-between max font size and min font size

This would allow maximum flexibility of product with the least amount of work by the user.

II) Default text behavior change :

• This could be either blanket behavior change, or controlled by a checkbox.

1) when default text is clicked on, the text itself disappears

      --  this allows the user to type their own text without the chore of manipulating existing text

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Pierre MEYER posted almost 6 years ago

Hi Radykal !

Textbox are very useful in our case in addition to standard Text object.

- Standard Text is perfect for text which is added directly inside the product designer by the user.

- Textbox is mandatory when we have to add or edit text content inside the product designer via jquery and keep control of text width.

In that case, we edit the textBox text property via jquery after user fill some of our own html inputs outside the designer. The principle of textboxes fixed width that make text go next line or be font-scaled instead of the whole box is perfect.

However, we still need to use the product designer to position our textboxes and set their width on the designer (or let our customer configure them) 

We need to have access to the buttons to let users drag the textboxes width easily (like the middle-right and middle-left button to change scaleX for picture) 

It would be very important in our use case. 

Thanks a lot,


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Andrew posted almost 7 years ago

Is it possible that the font size changes so that the text is always in the bounding box?

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Arnaud Bouvard

Arnaud Bouvard posted about 7 years ago

Hi !
It's great to use a text box. But it will be better if the user got the possibility to change the font size (like a simple text)


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rady kal

rady kal posted almost 8 years ago Admin

Added in V3.1.2 - you can now add a editable text box with a fixed width.

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