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design are searchable


We would like to buy fancy product designer but we have to understand one thing: we will have a lot of designs and we have seen that we can devide them in categories but we need also that they could have a name and that they are searchable..is it possible?

thank you 

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That is currently not possible. I'll move this port to the feature request forum.

A design search is really necessary for me too. I want to be able to search by design name/description as well as have a design product id so my customers can search for "bears or cats  or whatever". Hopefully this can be provided soon.

Brian Turner
Bababean Embroidery Studio


Please add this feature.

We've made the design categories searchable on the back-end and we're willing to upstream our modifications to FPD.  However, ours has nothing to do with the front-end.


search.png search.png
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This is added in 3.3.0!

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