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Have text options directly in the first floating box

I'd like to add text options in the first add floating box.
Now when you open the add box it's like that :

I would like to add text options directly in that box.
Because now you have to edit the text to make the options box appear.  Customers don't always understand they have to click on the text they juste create, to show those options.

I've made a photoshop montage to show you what it would look like

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I am pretty sure you can set the text to be auto selected on load so they will see the edit options? is that what you mean. In terms of the options been there when writing the text from the get-go I don't see the advantage of the text options been present as they appear straight after the text is added anyways?


Thank you for your reply, I Just found yesterday the auto select option on text !
It solves part of my problem (not all the options appear, you have to expand the window to see it all, I try to find a way to change window's height to see all the options) . 

I'm french so It's not really easy for me to understand all the options but I'm trying hard :)

Am sure you will master it in no time at all. Good luck with your website :D

Yes just enable auto-select for custom added texts. This will select the text when its added and opens the text options automatically.

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