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Share how you are using Fancy Product Designer in your website

Hello community,

show your usage of Fancy Product Designer in your website to other users. There are many users who want to see real usage of Fancy Product Designer....so here you can share the link to your website and maybe make some extra sales ;)

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Hi, friends. This is my site www.print-em-all.es. It works in Spain but with a few products (I have about 200) , but I tested him with www.print-em-all.bg. I realy like radykal's team. I have 23 years experience in printing, design and photography. I had never made a web design before. I tested a number of such plugins for a year and I used this because of the easyest setup, the intuitive way of working, and the satisfactory color result when processing the order. Of course there are many problems, but what are we going to do without problems :) 

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