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Share how you are using Fancy Product Designer in your website

Hello community,

show your usage of Fancy Product Designer in your website to other users. There are many users who want to see real usage of Fancy Product Designer....so here you can share the link to your website and maybe make some extra sales ;)

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Hi Jelmer. How did you get that box to pop up where you can type text?  This would help me out alot at the moment 


Hi Bret, that's a new feature that has recently been added. You can select it among options.

I think it's a great addition!


We use product designer on almost all of our products at optink.com, here's a great example https://optink.com/producto/comprar-marco-instagram-photocall/

If you have any suggestions, that would be awesome :)

We use the jQuery version of FPD at https://goo.gl/vLdgqG and https://goo.gl/bwnP2P. Sorry, German only at the moment.

More products are in the pipeline. As always, suggestions are very welcome!

Hi Rasinski, how did you get the customizer to open full width and full screen like that? Looks great!

This is the test version of my website. I sell pendant that people can engeave with their picture on it, with woocommerce. http://geefeenpersoonlijkcadeau.zaphire.nl/zilveren-cadeaus/gegraveerde-hangers/zilveren-foto-hart-24-mm/?start_customizing
I use this plugin with woocommerce and I sell pendants that people can engrave with their picture on it http://geefeenpersoonlijkcadeau.zaphire.nl/zilveren-cadeaus/gegraveerde-hangers/zilveren-foto-hart-24-mm/?start_customizing

Hi, we use Fancy for our tote bag site doodle-bag.com.

Any feedback welcome. 

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