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Add the Ability to set a Fixed Color Palette By Product

You can set a fixed color palette by Fancy Design, but it would be more efficient to also be able to set it by Product in the Individual Product Settings.  For example, let's say I have a particular Fancy Design (clip art) that I want to print on T-Shirts.  For White T-Shirts I want to use the color picker for the clip art, and for Black T-shirts I want to fix the color palette to light colored inks.   

There is currently no way to do this, unless you create two copies of every Fancy Design: one version with a fixed color palette and one version with the color picker.  That may be OK for a site with just a few pieces of clip art, but if you have thousands of image files it is a big waste of space.  You CAN choose between a fixed palette and the color picker for Text in the Individual Product Settings, so why not Fancy Designs too?

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