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SKU on designs is not well as it is

Hi, usually we have a base product and then we add designs on it.

When we have to build a voucher, we need to specify all the "extra" stuff for the customized image.

The thing is that the SKU on designs is just possible to write it if you check to enable the options box of that specific design, but what if we have the same options to all the group of designs?

In order to have an individual SKU for each design, I have to do that options stuff to all of them individually.

What I ask to do is to have the SKU for designs, out of the check Enable Options of the design.

That's important.


Talking about designs, I think it's an error to have the SKU available when you activate the custom design options. It should be outside the design options, because usually we want the designs options managed by the designs category, and not for each design. So the SKU should be out of the design itself.


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