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Option to show color name instead of a hex code in designer when using the Color Selection Panel.

 When using the Color Selection Panel it shows the hex code instead of the name of the color. You have to mouse over to see the color name. It would be nice to have a option to show the name of the color instead of the hex code. This is helpful when selling t-shirts for example.

Thank ya Kindly!

Hi Vincent. I stumbled upon your question when looking for an answer to a different colour-related question. I had this issue and discovered the answer in FPD->Settings->Color Swatches tab. Under Color Names you can enter the Hex code and your preferred name next to it. Hope this helps. Screenshot attached. Cheers.

Hello, I don't think that is what he is saying.

I am looking at getting the plus add on, but the demo show the hex value underneath each colour and the rollover shows the name, I want and I believe the original question by Vincent is, why when you have entered the colour names in the setting does it still show the hex value and not the name?

Really need it to show the name.

Ah! I see what you mean Ruth. I didn't realise the issue was specific to the Plus add-on. I too have been looking at the buying this, and I agree, my customers want to see the colour names and not the HEX value.

The color names will appear when you move your mouse over a color item.

Sorry, I don't want that. I want to see the name instead of the HEX value, if I wanted to see the HEX value I won't bother entering names for them.

Agree with Ruth. Adding to that, most customers don't know what a HEX value is. They would have to mouse over every color to find the color they want. Seeing the actual color makes it easier to find the garment color they want.


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