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Variable Product - custom price + custom picture - when changing variation then custom price and custom picture should always be shown

I use FPD with the customization button. When you click on it then FPD open in the lightbox. Now users can create there products. Now when the user click on 'Finish' in the lightbox then customized picture and new price appear on product-page. Here is now the request for customization: Now when you have a variable product and select f.e. a size then original product image and original price appear. SAME problem is also when you have selected a size, open FPD, customize everything and before buying user want to change size, then problem is that original price and original picture appear again. SOLUTION: When product is once customized from the user, there should be the custom picture and the custom price always be the shown - it should not depend on size/variation. Hopefully you can implement that feature. Thanks!

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