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PDF Export Still at 72dpi?

I need 300 dpi. I have read a lot about improvements to the PDF exports and the Admin panel, but I still seem to be getting 72 dpi. Is this all we can expect for the near future?


That's caused by the simple technical fact, that html 5 canvas and fabrics.js can only supports a dpi of 72 - that we can not change. The only way is this workaround: http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/solution/articles/5000593264-exporting-high-resolution-images

other plugins export at 300 dpi

With our ADMIN solution you can create PDFs with 300dpi for the images, but the images have to be uploaded in 300 dpi.


whats needed for that account? i think i looked at this before and required my crudentials

You mean "credentials" ?

Simply click underneath on "Register" where it says: "Don't have an account? Register"


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