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Please make curved text centre constant when add extra chars in it

When user add some extra symbols in curved text it centre shifts to it

This is very important for round plate design for example

You may look at this for better understand

a bit like dirty hack - add as many extra spaces at text to the right as you can, but very dirty

a better approach:

Debug Mode

On V


Enables Theme-Check modal and loads the unminified Javascript files.
in FancyProductDesigner.js: line 132:

------><------>setText: function (text){


<------><------><------><------>if(text[text.length-1] != ' ') text+=' '; // add extra space char at the end 

add extra block after iteration (after line 360)


<------><------><------><------><------><------>curAngleRotation=this.letters.item(0).getAngle()+180; //get first char angle and revers it


<------><------><------><------><------><------>= this.text.length-1; //select the last (hidden) space char


<------><------><------><------><------><------>this.letters.item(i).set('top', multiplier*-1*(Math.cos(angleRadians)*this.radius));

<------><------><------><------><------><------>this.letters.item(i).set('left', multiplier*(Math.sin(angleRadians)*this.radius));



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