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Add Support For Multi-Vendor Sites

I raised a question here and someone responded here:


I am not sure if that is an official statement. In case if it is then I would like to submit a feature request.

Nowadays a number of our clients are requesting sites with multi-vendor support using a number of plugins:




Just to name a few.

It would be great to have a feature that would allow all vendors to use the product designer plugin.

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Yes, please!!

Making this plugin compatible with WC Vendors would be a total game changer! There is nothing else available on the market that allows a Design by Humans or Spreadshirt type setup with a WordPress Custom Product Designer and vendors plugins. If you could please implement a solution or add-on for this, where you could assign vendors in your store the ability to add custom designs to your products to be sold on your website. This would allow users that visit your website to sign up as a vendor and sell their designs on your products and earn a commission for each sale. How great would that be? 

I came into this forum today to add this request, but I saw that someone already beat me to it. Please, please, please, add this.


The ability to implement your Fancy Product Designer with WC Vendors and have a Spreashirt or Design by Humans type website would be a total game changer! Currently, there is no other custom product designer that can do this on WordPress (I have thoroughly researched the topic), you would be the first one, and best one. Allowing visitors on your website to signs up as vendors and add designs to your custom products for other people to purchase and allow the designer to earn a commission is a must have. Please, please, please make an add-on that can incorporate this. 

I came in this forum today to add this request and someone beat me to it. Please add this. 

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