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Inventory Control


it would be great if your team could implement some sort of inventory control on the merchandise and designs, Where as, you as an admin would be able to add the total count of a product and/or design you have in stock. And if the entire stock was sold, then the product/ design would automatically be flagged as "out of stock or unavailable" and  prevent other consumers from purchasing it.

Due to the nature of my product and services my designs and merchandise are limit to so much at a time. This would prevent a lot of over ordering  and customer issue headaches.

Perhaps on the front end whenever a product is running low, say under five units. That info can be displayed  to the customers and may help secure a sale.

Hope you guys implement this and roll this out soon.



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Hey Xavier,

did you find a solution for that? Its important for me too.



HI Aron , If you make a product page enabling the "customization feature" dor each individual product you're able to control the inventory for the product. As for the designs, there's no way to control the inventory count with the fpd plugin. So what I do is, the moment I run out of a design, I remove it from the website. If it helps check out my website Cyos.me so you can see what I mean. Hope this helps. Best, Xavier

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