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variation not working with FPD and MSPC

I created a variation for the Mat Size of my Boarding Mat product.  Three sizes:

20" x 33" for $80.00 | 30" x 33" for $90.00 | 40" x 33" for $100.00

The selector for Mat Size will not show on the product page (http://www.beachsidesocial.net/boatmat/product/boardingmat/).

Attached are 4 screen shots from the Product page and Attributes page.

I got the mat color and thread/text color options and design options working great.  What am I doing wrong here?  


Hey there, did you add a different variation image for each of these different sizes?

Did you come up with a solution to this? I checked your site, and I see the image in the customizer doesn't change depending on the size.

I did not create variation images for these sizes - it was not necessary for that or any other products so far.  I can tell you that the way MSPC worked (it replaced all the dropdown selection boxes with multistep header arrows on every product IIRC) lead me to disable that plugin. Let me know if you are seeing that on your site.

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