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Campaign extention

Hey there,

I'm interested in a campaign extention for the fancy product designer woocommerce plugin? Tshirtecommerce already has one:

May you could work with woocommerce marketplace plugin authors like following for an extention like this:

What you guys think about such a feature or additional plugin? The more are interested the better are the changes to getting such a feature :)

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I agree with the comment from eCollect. This feature is an imperative extension or addon that would significantly increase the overall viability of the Fancy Product Designer and open up several doors in terms of what users could do with their overall website and marketability. Furthermore this would be an amazing up-sell feature for your company. As another method instead of creating an entirely new extension/ plugin/ addon you could integrate documentation for your plugin and the Ignition Deck plugin. Simply help users navigate a next step button to add their custom product design to a campaign instead of adding the item to one's cart of checking out. To assist and expedite this process I would envision you guiding users to incorporating you plugin with one or two of the multi-vendor plugins available, ultimately you would enable users of the Fancy Product Designer the ability to block any vendors that try and add product outside the local marketplace of the Fancy Product Designer users website to make the new product addition exclusive to the website they're adding to. 

I initially purchased your plugin to accommodate this exact model, Tee Spring, Viral Style and the new Plugin / Addon from T Shirt Commerce. Unfortunately I was unable to wire Fancy Product Designer to Ignition Deck and the Enterprise version I purchased and had to go with a less extensive plugin and addon combo to finally accomplish my mission via tshirtecommerce. In the end I would still make the transition back to your plugin if you could some how get this developed, documentation or designed. 

Either way hopefully you consider these requests as they're extremely valuable to my business and I'm assuming countless other business owners that purchased your plugin. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Jeremy Waters


Founder | CEO


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