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Allowing more filetypes


I am about to launch my site and I just realised that the user can only upload JPG, PNG and SVG. Why? Why not allowing BMP, GIF, EPS and PDF as well? Some of the competition even allows RAW files to be uploaded. Can we in a near time frame update have this feature? Most of the modern media is in JPG but depending on the target group, file types may vary quite a bit, especially if we aim at families (like family albums, calendars, etc) which sometimes have very old photos saved as BMP or GIF which were quite popular file types in the past.

The more file types we allow, the less complicated it gets to the final customer which translates into more cash in.

Hope you find this a good idea and implement it. Cheers!

Even TIFF format would be great since a lot of photographers use this format


These file types can not be included a HTML5 canvas, so its technically not possible!

Ok, always great to know why. Very much appreciated and thanks for the amazing work! :)


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