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Plugin Customization Needed - Insert Address into View


My website needs the ability for users to add a return address and/or a shipping address onto an envelope.

This option should only show up if the user is logged in (so we can access their woocommerce address book: default billing and default shipping).

I'm also trying to use the Woocommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses plugin (which stores more shipping addresses than woocommerce's default one), so the customization should also pull addresses from that plugin if it is active, else it should only look for the default woocommerce addresses.

Addresses should be displayed in a dropdown list (similar to how it's displayed on the Woocommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses plugin). 

Upon selecting an option from the dropdown, the textarea for adding text should be populated with the address values (first name, last name, address line 1, line 2, etc).

Pricing and timing are negotiable. 

Please contact me if you are interested at startupstaging@gmail.com

Thank you for your time.

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