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Dynamically Load Text

Hey, I'd like to add a feature to my WordPress website which will automatically load a single piece of text depending on the URL, this is a wordpress site but the url can be an extra URL parameter or anything to get this to work.  I just want the middle text to change depending on url variable.  I notice you supply short links, so I wonder if its possible to pull query from URL and modify the shortcode meta?  I'm looking for any solution to this.

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I'd like to agree here, and add the request to be able to dynamically load text, URL for QR code and or dynamically choose designs from design categories based on URL.  This would allow us to achieve a few goals, including :

Database integration and information readout linked to QR codes on products -- for safety labels and information-listing systems

Google shopping and Ebay listing of individually designed products -- in our case, individual scout ranks listed for sale from a single fancy product

Specific pre-programmed text messages for users to click and use

RADYKAL : As per usual, I'll be working on JS workarounds, do the javascript hooks in the JS only version of this software function similarly in the woo-version?

Hey Jeremy, I'm still in pre-sale (basically this issue is my bottlenecking me finding the right software) and I'm wondering if you have any ad hoc solution for this?  Also, I know you can create a short link in WordPress which means the data is being saved somehow, I wonder if this format is human readable (as post meta data?) so I could bulk generate - I don't need infinite variety but enough that I need a non-manual method.

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