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Critical plugin issues - Individual product settings should be set by fancy product along with MSPC improvements

Right now, the Individual Product Settings are set on the product page. However, the individual product settings should be set per fancy product.

This is because different fancy products may have different image upload requirements to go along with the different stage sizes. If I want to organize my fancy products by product category so that my customers can swap products in the product designer, it must be possible to control the image upload requirements as products are swapped out.

Also, the multistep product configurator (MSPC) should allow you to attach a separate fancy product to each variation of a variable product. At this point, the MSPC only swaps images, i.e., stage size, image upload requirements, etc., cannot be controlled per variation.

Just trying to help improve the plugins.

Thanks for the hard work.

-Dr. Foz

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At the very least, being able to edit the stage size for different variations would allow me to account for size variations in my product. Size variations affect the image requirements that I have along with size of the background image.

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